Sex Workshops for Women

Women’s Workshops, Designed By Women, For Women

We know that it can be tough to be a sexually liberated woman – there are far too many outdated, ridiculous, and oppressive standards that women are unfairly held to. But you don’t have to conform. Society shouldn’t get to comment on your sexual liberation.

Get in Touch With the Inner You

You don’t owe anyone anything.

However, you do owe yourself the confidence to explore your own pure, unadulterated desires, without anything holding you back. Learn how to demand what you like, what you need, both in and out of the bedroom.

Because you deserve to own your pleasure.

Yes, it can seem daunting. All those worries and insecurities you face? We’ve faced them too. That confusion you’ve experienced? We’ve felt that too.

That’s what our women’s sex workshops are all about: women helping women become sexually empowered.

  • Power past your worries and insecurities
  • Identify your innermost desires
  • Communicate those desires
  • Act on those desires

Sexual empowerment is not a pipe dream.