Pleasure Him – Fellatio

Learn via skype or private session.

Presented by Sexual Pleasure Educator:
Marie-Claire Thauvette, B.A.,B.Ed.

Fellatio is one of the most commonly performed sex acts. Yet many people lack the confidence and knowledge to truly unlock all the deep pleasure potential of oral sex.

That’s what this workshop is all about: learning how to use oral sex to completely intoxicate your male partner with pleasure!

Broaden your oral sex repertoire with techniques that will bring him over the edge of the pleasure abyss: Every. Single. Time. He deserves to experience it, and you deserve to know how to give it to him. Although there is no nudity, the techniques you’ll learn will come naturally. It’s all about practice!

Who Should Take This Workshop?

This oral sex workshop is for men and women alike.

  • Do you have a male partner that you want to take to a higher level of pleasure? This workshop is for you.
  • Are you a man who wants to learn how to ask for oral pleasure, gain confidence in the bedroom, and hear the female perspective? This workshop is for you.

What Will You Learn?

The oral sex workshop is divided into three parts:

  1. The Man’s Pleasure Anatomy: learn the anatomical reasons behind what makes him tick.
  2. Erotic Warm-Up: oral sex isn’t just about the grand finale – there is an entire sensual lead-up that will bring him to another level of pleasure. Yes, men need foreplay too.
  3. Oral Ecstasy: the hidden secrets of male oral orgasm. Learn techniques that most men are unaware exist.

Nervous? Intimidated?

Don’t be. All of our workshops are conducted in a highly professional manner, with no judgement. It’s a safe space, so don’t hold back! Bring your friends, girlfriends, partners: everyone should learn the skills to take hold of their sexual power.

Still not sure? Here is what just a few of our students have said in the past:


One of the best ones in the series yet. Well worth the effort to go. A lot of great things learned and fun things to try on each other to spice up things. Very knowlegable instructor.

Michael G.

Marie-Claire is an amazing communicator; very open and allows the conversation and ideas to flow. She has great reference materials. I highly recommend her.

Kathleen G.