Pleasure Her Yoni

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Presented by Sexual Pleasure Educator:
Marie-Claire Thauvette, B.A.,B.Ed.

Yoni is a beautiful Sanskrit word for vulva.

And that’s what this 2 hour workshop is all about: learning how to use oral sex to set your lover’s Yoni on fire!

Oral sex is a phenomenally powerful tool. When performed correctly, it can be more deeply pleasurable than intercourse. In fact, many women prefer it to intercourse! There is just something so unbelievably sensual about oral sex: it is an intensely intimate experience that speaks directly to a woman’s soul.

So grab a glass of wine, pull up a chair, and open your mind to the knowledge that will bring her to complete and utter surrender. There’s no nudity – but you’ll learn a multitude of tips and tricks that may surprise you. And yes, there is homework, but it’s the kind of homework that you’ll enjoy, over and over again!

Who Should Take This Workshop?

This oral sex workshop is for men and women alike.

  • Do you have a female partner that you want to take to a higher level of pleasure? This workshop is for you.
  • Are you a woman who wants to learn how to ask for oral pleasure, and gain confidence in the bedroom? This workshop is for you.

What Will You Learn?

  • Oral sex tips and techniques to bring your partner powerful pleasure
  • Communication tips for discussing oral sex, and sensual suggestions
  • Confidence to apply the techniques learned in class, and to ask for what you desire

Nervous? Intimidated?

Don’t be. All of our workshops are conducted in a highly professional manner, with no judgement. It’s a safe space, so don’t hold back!

Sex is all about play – talking and learning about it should be just as much fun as the actual deed!
Still not sure? Here is what just a few of our students have said in the past:

Comments from previous workshops:

“Highly recommend this workshop for everyone -regardless of relationship status”, Karen

“Learned how to ask to receive even for more pleasure”, Dianne

“The subject matter was presented in a very relaxed atmosphere”, Kamil

“One of the most refreshing looks at this subject, and presented with an informative and interesting approach. Enjoyed everything about this workshop: stimulating,-entertaining-informative etc. Well worth attending.” Paul

‘Great comfort, mixed audience sharing experiences. Great success’, Mike

‘MC is a natural at teaching and the group was comfortable.’ Sherry

‘Great Education and good feedback’, Jayson P.

‘Enjoyed the educational aspect’, Paule S.

‘Loved the openness of this group’, Angel D.

‘Loved learning what to do and the round table discussions were interesting’, Jamie S.

‘Marie-Claire is a very knowledgeable Educator, and this was a very difficult subject to teach. It was extremely informative and at the same time it was quite revealing. A perfect presentation and delivered in a very respectful way.’ Jonathan M.

“I was nervous to attend the SexiBliss workshop, but it took me five minutes to relax as Marie-Claire made it comfortable and fun. Her approachable yet professional relaxed style helped us to learn more about each other as a couple.” – Jaqueline and Ross

“We left the workshop madly in love with each other, and we couldn’t wait to practice our “homeplay” assignments.” – Maddie and Jack K.

“This workshop helped me to gain sexual confidence, which I really need as I do not have much experience in the bedroom. I can’t wait to meet my future lover. Are they in for some amazing loving!” – Martin L.

‘Marie-Claire is an amazing communicator; very open and allows the conversation and ideas to flow. She has great reference materials. I highly recommend her.’ Kathleen G.

Sign up now for this workshop and she will thank you later…

N.B. Too shy about attending? Book a private and confidential session with your partner. She deserves this!

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