Couple’s Valentine’s Retreat February 2016

couples retreat punta cana

Imagine endless stretches of white sand beaches, glittering rays of sunshine glancing lazily off of warm turquoise water, delicious meals and drinks just a moment away, and all the time in the world to connect with your partner. Don’t you deserve that?

Of course you do.

That’s why we are offering this Valentines Couple’s Retreat at the gorgeous BlueBay Villas Doradas Adults Only Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It truly is paradise – and what better place to connect with your sensuality than paradise?
couples retreat Dominican republicThroughout the week, attend morning workshops on a range of topics: couples massage, kissing, oral pleasure, love languages… the topics are diverse, stimulating, and suited to everyone’s tastes.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, attend one of the optional afternoon workshops, where the topics might surprise you.


 In fact, you might surprise yourself.

In the warm, safe, and professional confines of the workshops, you’ll feel inspired, confident, and connected. And when the workshops are over, delve into your “pleasure assignments” in the privacy of your room: perhaps you’ll even put that deep Jacuzzi or shower for two to good use.

You have free reign to totally immerse yourself in guilt-free, distraction-free, pure and unadulterated pleasure.

It is astounding what a little guided R&R can do for your love life.

It’s more than a vacation, it’s a retreat.

couples retreat punta cana

So what do our participants love most about our retreats?

  • The absolutely stunning setting
  • The professional, safe, welcoming environment
  • The informative, evidence-based workshops
  • The astounding transformation in their love life

But why do this retreat with Marie-Claire (MC) Thauvette?

MC has the background: she has two teaching degrees, and has been a teacher for 24 years.


MC has the knowledge: she has been featured as a sex educator in radio and newspaper interviews, spoken at conferences, and taught through North America, Mexico, and Europe.

So let yourself be taken to paradise, in every sense of the word.

You know you deserve this, so why wait? 


The Nitty Gritty

Location: BlueBay Villas Doradas , an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Date: February 8-15th, 2016.

Cost: From $1700 per person, based on double occupancy.

***Price includes airfare, all taxes, transfers, and workshops. Price is subject to change until time of booking.

Travel protection and out of country medical insurance is highly recommended – but don’t worry, we can provide a quote for that!


How to Book: Contact the SexiBliss travel agent at, or call the office at 613-699-7737 ext.103

Bonus: Among other gifts, you will also receive a pillow journal to record what you have learned at the resort. This will be your pleasure reference when you return home.

There are limited spaces available: we only take a small group, to keep the focus on individual couples.



What Am I Getting Myself Into?

Although you’ll have to come on the trip to experience the real fun, here’s a sample of some of the workshops that you’ll have access to during the retreat.

The Morning Workshops

  • Love Languages: everyone expresses their affection differently – maybe you and your partner are speaking different love languages! Learn how to translate your partner’s behaviour both sexually and non-sexually, so you’re speaking the same dialect.
  • Communication: this is the least corporate 3-step system you’ll ever learn! Learn how to really communicate, so you can tell your partner exactly what works for you.
  • Date: pretend you’re back in the heady early days of your relationship, without all the awkward silences. We send you out on a private date, armed with questions to really dig deep. You’ll be surprised at what you learn!
  • Kiss THIS: Done with loving intention, kissing is said to be one of the most intense, sexually charged types of foreplay around. You can say more with your lips and tongue than with your hands, and we’ll teach you how.
  • Sensual Massage: Who needs a calming ocean soundtrack when you have the real thing! You’ll learn massage techniques on a private beachfront from a certified massage therapist. Once you have those basics down pat, you’ll see a demo of a true sensual massage, and learn how simple touch can elicit intense pleasure. Practice the techniques you learn in your luxury suite later – practice makes perfect after all!

The Optional Afternoon Workshops

  • Her Pleasure: Learn how to truly and completely pleasure your partner’s “Yoni” – the beautiful Sanskrit word for vulva – through the power of oral sex. We’ll teach you how to use your tongue to send your partner into a state of complete and utter surrender. Grab a margarita and learn how to use your mouth to turn your partner into the “girl on fire”!
  • His Pleasure: Learn how your lips, tongue, teeth, and throat can make your partner drunk on pleasure. We’ll teach you oral sex techniques that will leave your partner absolutely shell-shocked.
  • Fantasy Island: Learn the science behind why we have fantasies – and we all have fantasies! – and how to use them to your advantage. We’ll teach you how to share and indulge your fantasies safely, so you can kick up the heat later in your suite.