This Couple Is On FIRE

This workshop can also be schedule as a private couple’s session

Every couple deserves to feel connected on the deepest possible level. Rekindling your sexual fire will bring you closer both in and out of the bedroom: you deserve to feel the heat.

This couple’s workshop will teach you how to ignite that spark of passion and nourish it until it crackles and spits with blue intensity.

Learn about and explore your love languages, communication styles, fantasies, and desires. You’ll receive informative handouts, and homework assignments to practice in the privacy of your home.


The couple’s workshop runs from 9am to 4pm, with coffee, lunch, and wine (yes, wine!) breaks included.


  • Present Your Partner
  • Warming Up: The Communication Method*
  • Breakout Rooms-Practice Communication Style

Break: coffee and a healthy snack will be served

  • Communication: Questions and Discussion
  • Simmering: Appreciation Models
  • Increase the Heat in the Bedroom
    • Rekindle the Flame: Sexual History
    • Turning Up a Notch: Expressing Desires
    • Bring the Heat: Sexual Positions
    • Smokin’ Hot: Your Three Desires*

Lunch Break

  • Tending the Flames: Five Love Languages*
  • Don’t Play With Fire: Sexual Boundaries
  • Breakout Rooms- Your Love Language

Wine Break

  • Sex and Your Love Language*
  • Sizzling Fantasies
    • Choose Your Fantasy
  • Course Evaluation

Write Your Partner a Love Letter


‘This workshop was professionally delivered and M-C quickly made us feel at ease and it was easy to discuss and ask questions.’ Susan D. & Marcus S

‘I must admit I was nervous before attending this workshop. It took 5 minutes to relax as M-C made us feel very comfortable. We already had a great relationship, however this gave us tools to make our relationship that much more exciting and most importantly we could not wait to get home… ‘ Michael and Janice T.

‘My partner and I live together with a three year old and came to this workshop thinking it was our last chance to avoid seperating. We loved the communication method and love languages so much that by lunch we decided we would stay together as we now have the tools to communicate. Finally by the afternoon break, I asked her if she wanted to get married; she said yes.’ David J & Micheline B.

Some couples may be more successful if this session was held in a more private setting. Please call 613 355 1063 to book an appointment.

*Handouts Provided

Cost $249

Register at

For more info call 613 355 1063