mc headMarie-Claire is an entrepreneur, educator, student, and woman on a mission: to teach and spread the word on the amazing powers of sex to transform, heal, and infuse life with vitality, passion, and success.

After years of study and personal experiences with the healing powers of sexuality, Marie-Claire founded SexiBliss in 2012 with the objective of educating people on the benefits of healthy, empowered sexual relationships with themselves and others. She gives monthly sexual education and relationship workshops and one-on-one sessions with couples locally in Ottawa, Europe, and most recently in Mexico.

Marie-Claire has a teaching degree from the University of Ottawa, and is the current CEO and founder of Fast Forward French, an award-winning second language training facility. While teaching French and sexual education in the public school system for 13 years, she wasn’t surprised to learn that French grammar was never met with the same enthusiasm as her sex-ed classes. She would eventually learn that this would prove true for her adult students as well!

As founder of LemonBliss, a stress relief and wellness consultation business, M-C soon discovered the power of sexuality to empower and heal her clients, and was inspired to learn more. She has taken a number of courses and retreats in tantric sex, communication, relationship dynamics, and sexual empowerment for women. She is currently enrolled in The Sexual Educator program at the prestigious Institute for Sexual Education and Therapists in North Hampton, Massachusetts, learning from some of the best sexual educators and therapists in the US.

M-C is a well-known local expert in the area, and has been featured on a radio show hosted by Dr. Karen Kan, “Entre Amis” on Rogers French TV, as a presenter at Sexxapalooza trade show in 2013 and 2014, on a expert panel for women with breast cancer at Re Think Breast Cancer in 2014, and in The Parenting Times.  She is also currently writing a book about sex games and homeplay for couples.

Considered her life’s purpose, M-C is dedicated to reigniting passion in singles and couples alike and shows no signs of slowing down.