SexiBliss by Skype: Couple’s Workshops Now Available Through Skype

We’re pleased to announce that MC Thauvette will be available to take Couple’s Workshops via Skype.

To book a private Couple’s Workshop by Skype, please visit our Skype Workshop page, or use the form below:

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SexiBliss Winter Workshops:
The Couple’s Guide to Gourmet Sex

Gourmet Sex: Four Easy Recipes to Simmer, Steam, Sizzle, and Boil!

A Sex Educator’s Guide to Cooking up Mind-Blowing Orgasms

How many times have you heard “this food is orgasmic”? Here’s a little secret: That’s a two-way street. Learn how to cook up that gourmet sex in the bedroom, the bathroom… and yes, the kitchen.

What ingredients will you need? Confidence, communication, commitment, and trust.

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SexiBliss Fall Workshops

Weekend Workshop Info

Couples meet for one weekend, and in that time, expect to discover the power of sex and communication. Expect the sex to become mind blowing and your relationship to become stronger than ever. Expect to get excited every time you see your partner, and to love the time you spend together. Expect every area of your life to improve as the sexual energy you and your partner cultivate spills over into your careers, creative projects, hobbies, and family and social lives.

Immerse yourself in the sexy company of the person you love, supercharge your relationship, and amp up the pleasure!

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The Sexy Perma-Glow:
Rediscovering the Thrill of Sex

Sexual. Sensual. Complete.

Sexual. Sensual. Complete.

Sex is fun. Sex is beneficial. And more than anything, when given the chance, sex can be transformative. These are three basic facts that are often overlooked or forgotten by the majority of people. We live in a polarized culture that both glorifies and condemns sex. We are bombarded with images and examples of what our culture believes sex and sex appeal should look like, and made to feel guilty if our reality doesn’t match up (and often, even if it does!). Women especially have a number of obstacles when it comes to creating a healthy sex life for themselves, and for many, its a knot that requires too much effort to untangle. And so sex and intimacy are often pushed down to the bottom of our priority lists. How many of us can count on one hand the number of times we’ve had sex in a month? How many have begun to think of their partner as a roommate or business partner instead of a romantic lover? How many of us think of sex as a chore, or something we ‘owe’ our partner, as opposed to something we do for ourselves? Far too many. We’ve lost touch with the thrill of sex.

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SexiBliss for Women Cancer Survivors

Sponsored by the Brookstreet Hotel, Wee-Vibe, and Fast Forward French

I hear you: You feel like less of a woman. You may have lost a breast. Or two. You may have scars because of an operation. You have had parts that define you taken away. Now hear me: You’re wrong. No person, and certainly no disease, can ever take away what defines you. Only you define you.

Cancer wins by taking away life… and a life lived in self-doubt and sadness is a life gone. Did you survive cancer just to let it win? We think not. And we think you agree.

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