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You Deserve SexiBliss in your life, whether you are single or attached.



Break down your barriers, and let more pleasure into your life. The moment you do, you’ll feel happier, more energized, and more in love with your life. That’s how it should be!

But you may not know how to do it alone.

That’s where we come in.

Take one of our sex workshops, go on a retreat, have a Skype session with an expert: what you learn will set you on fire!

Pleasure is a passion that shouldn’t be ignored.

94% of SexiBliss clients say that they have improved their wellbeing and their sexual satisfaction after using our services.

SexiBliss offers personalized educational sessions and sex workshops to singles and couples that have challenges with the following:

  • desire differences
  • low libido
  • navigating the dating scene
  • lack of arousal or orgasm
  • body image issues
  • physical limitations
  • bedroom boredom
  • rekindling desire

SexiBliss also offers sex workshops on:

  • advanced sexual techniques
  • beginner tantra

And there is absolutely nothing to fear: SexiBliss conducts our sex workshops and sessions with the utmost professionalism in a completely safe, non-judgmental environment.

Although we offer sex workshops for couples, we are firm believers that before you can know someone else on a sexual level, you need to know yourself. That’s why there is an “I” in our name: we want you to explore your own needs, and then learn how to communicate those needs to someone else.

Through our sex workshops, we want you to love yourself, own your pleasure, and explore your innermost desires to their full potential.


Ask for what you truly want, and get what you need with ongoing personal support and guidance. Every session will inject you with positive energy to explore and try new things. There will never be a dull moment in (or out of) the bedroom.

mc headMarie-Claire Thauvette, the founder of SexiBliss, conducts sessions out of her Ottawa office and also online via Skype.

In Marie-Claire’s sessions, she will offer you a personalized program. There she will support and guide you in the areas of communication and pleasure.

If you need help with trauma or triggers, contact her for a list competent therapists that SexiBliss partners with in Ottawa, Canada and in the U.S.

Telephone: 613 355 1063
Email: info@sexibliss.com
Skype Call: mcthauvette
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