Kissing & Foreplay Workshop

Kissing & Foreplay
Workshop Dates:
thPrivate Session $120
150G Terence Matthews, Kanata

The most underrated foreplay of them all is kissing! Learn techniques, tips, and tricks to make the most of this fun and sensually powerful activity. You will learn unique foreplay ideas and games.  You will become an expert at simmering your partner. Build better intimacy and a stronger connection with your partner.
Single? These advanced techniques will leave your future partner begging for more!
Early Bird: $40 (48 hours prior)  At the door:$45 includes wine
What has been said:
Marie-Claire is a natural born teacher whos warm personality and light-natured presence allows you to feel at ease. If you are feeling shy about talking about sex and relationships, you will definitely appreciate the workshops she facilitates. Thank you for the warm welcome and insight you have shared, M-C. You are a gem’.
(Actual Kissing is for home-play).
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150G Terence Mathews by email transfer or cash at the door
Some couples may enjoy a more private sessions. For an appointment 613 355 1063 or



May 30 3-5pm at 150-G Terence Matthews, Kanata
May 31, 6-8pm at La Tropiqua 1292 Wellington Street W.

Presented by Sexual Educator:
Marie-Claire Thauvette, B.A.,B.Ed.

You’re looking for something, but you can’t quite put your finger on it…

Confidence? Happiness? Satisfaction maybe?
Most of us just want to learn to become better lovers. You’d think that love making would come naturally. But it doesn’t. Like everything else that’s important in life, there is a steep learning curve to love making, and especially oral sex.

That’s where we come in.

This workshop will provide you greater confidence, comfort and enthusiasm for your next… oral opportunities. We will help you develop a new approach to oral sex, that will leave your man intoxicated…with a feeling of not knowing what hit him!

In our last workshop we discussed how to pleasure her. Now we are excited to present our fellatio workshop specifically for him!

This workshop is for everyone – Not only do men enjoy hearing the female perspective on the topic, but they also benefit from the discussion on the different techniques.

Women will walk away with a new bag of tricks, as they learn to perfect their repertoire of oral techniques. They will learn to master it, every single time.

The workshop is divided into three special parts: First we discuss the man’s pleasure anatomy – what makes him tick, physically. Then we dive into the erotic warm up (yes ladies, men need to be teased and tantalized, just like we do!). Finally, we share the hidden secrets of male oral ecstasy – some facts that most men aren’t even aware of!

As a Sexual Educator, I have listened and learned from the experts, as well as from ordinary men and women. Our research has focused on all the best practices of oral pleasure, through dozens of interviews and by scanning all the best erotica and sex coaching books available.

So join us for an evening of eye opening and mind blowing discussion on how to pleasure HIM! Bring your girlfriends, partners, friends and boyfriends.

And show him that you love him!


One of the best ones in the series yet.well worth the effort to go. A lot of great things learned and fun things to try on each other to spice up things. Very knowlegeble instructor. Michael G.

Cost: One week prior: $40 At the door $45 You must RSVP Pay at

Please advise us that you will be coming as we will offer you handouts. This 2 hour workshop includes a glass of wine, a snack and literature to take home.

One-Day Massage Course


One Day Massage Course


SexiBliss is proud to offer a one-day massage course. Learn Chinese, Swedish, and Hawaiian techniques as you connect with your appreciative massage partner.

Join MC and Stacey, RMT as we guide you into tapping into your own touch. The power of touch is healing, connecting and loving. Learn how to create a sacred healing space. Whether you want to connect with a friend, child, or partner, this course will teach you to develop your own massage style and more.

Our massage course teaches you massage skills so you can give great massages, or so that you can teach someone what you want to receive.

What will we supply?

  • We supply the coconut oil and the essential oils for people to choose from.
  • Light snacks and refreshments to keep you alert.
  • All the skills you’ll need to learn.

What do you need to bring?

  • Preferably a massage table. Costco offers starter tables for around $250, and they’re yours to keep to practice and develop your technique.
  • A good substitution for a massage table; comfy and relaxing.
  • Your own sheets, two pills, and three pillow cases.
  • A notebook and pens.
  • A massage partner.
  • A willingness to learn!

Sunday, October 26th, 1pm till 7pm
150-G Terence Matthews Crescent, Kanata
Book before October 16th: $140 per person or $250 for couples’ registration
After October 16th: $165 per person or $280 per couple
RSVP 613-435-2834 or

Eat, Play, Love: Cunnilingus for Deep Partner Intimacy

May 31, 6-8pm At La Tropiqua 1292 Wellington Street W.

Learn the art of her oral pleasure with Sexual Educator MC Thauvette.

Ladies, It is time to communicate what you truly desire, and we will gently teach him the techniques to set you on fire!

Men and women, singles and couples: Come and learn to heighten her senses, heighten her pleasure, and heighten your emotional connection.

Learn how to simmer her, communication and advanced oral techniques.
Be prepared to receive the best tongue-lashing you’ll ever get. Simply delicious!

Wine will Be Served and you will receive hand outs.


 This is a truly amazing course that you can discover the many different aspects of a relationship between yourself and your life partner. This is also a great course for self discovery for a potential future relationship. ” Paul P. 

“Learned so much and in a friendly and relaxed environment. Kamil S.

Early Bird $40 At the Door $45

Register at


MAY 30TH 1-3PM 150-G Terence Matthews Crescent in Kanata
Wine and a snack will be served
Attending this 2 hr hour workshop will be sure to transform your skills as a dedicated lover. It will be all about honoring your lover and pleasuring her Yoni, (beautiful Sanskrit word for vulva). We will not leave out our men, “His Pleasure” will follow this workshop.

Oral sex, performed correctly can set a woman on fire, and many actually prefer it to intercourse. In this fun workshop, kick back with a glass of wine while you learn all there is to know about bringing her to complete surrender. You will receive tips that you can practice and master at home and learn about yoni catastrophes to be avoided. You can thank us for the homework later.

Is this workshop only for men? Heck no! Women learn to ask for exactly what they want and gain a lot more confidence in the bedroom by exploring the techniques learned in class. We will also offer communication tips for those times when you want to bring up oral sexual and sensual suggestions with your partner.

If this all sounds a little intimidating or uncomfortable, I guarantee all workshops are delivered in a professional and comfortable manner with no nudity. Sex is all about play, and I believe it should be just as much fun to talk and learn about, as it is to actually do! Still not sure? Here is what just a few of our students have said in the past:

Comments from the March 12 workshop:

“Highly recommend this workshop for everyone -regardless of relationship status”, Karen

“Learned how to ask to receive even for more pleasure”, Dianne

“The subject matter was presented in a very relaxed atmosphere”, Kamil

“One of the most refreshing looks at this subject, and presented with an informative and interesting approach. Enjoyed everything about this workshop: stimulating,-entertaining-informative etc. Well worth attending.” Paul

Register via email at Email transfer, cheque or cash 24 hours in advanced $45 at the DOOR

Here are some of the comments from the October workshop:

‘Great comfort, mixed audience sharing experiences. Great success’, Mike

‘MC is a natural at teaching and the group was comfortable.’ Sherry

‘Great Education and good feedback’, Jayson P.

‘Enjoyed the educational aspect’, Paule S.

‘Loved the openness of this group’, Angel D.

‘Loved learning what to do and the round table discussions were interesting’, Jamie S.

‘Marie-Claire is a very knowledgeable Educator, and this was a very difficult subject to teach. It was extremely informative and at the same time it was quite revealing. A perfect presentation and delivered in a very respectful way.’ Jonathan M.

Previous workshops:

“I was nervous to attend the SexiBliss workshop, but it took me five minutes to relax as Marie-Claire made it comfortable and fun. Her approachable yet professional relaxed style helped us to learn more about each other as a couple.” – Jaqueline and Ross

“We left the workshop madly in love with each other, and we couldn’t wait to practice our “homeplay” assignments.” – Maddie and Jack K.

“This workshop helped me to gain sexual confidence, which I really need as I do not have much experience in the bedroom. I can’t wait to meet my future lover. Are they in for some amazing loving!” – Martin L.

This workshop will be held at La Tropiqua For every guest you bring, you will receive a $10 off coupon for the next workshop, but please do let us know if you are bringing a guest as there is limited seating.

Sign up now for this workshop and she will thank you later…

N.B. Too shy about attending? Book a private and confidential session with your partner. She deserves this!

Register via email at Email transfer, cheque or cash 24 hours in advanced $45 at the DOOR

All About SexiBliss

Everyone deserves SexiBliss in their lives, whether you are single or in a new or long-term relationship. Breaking down barriers, and allowing more pleasure in your lives is what SexiBliss is all about. We are so much happier and energized when we learn to have enduring and more exciting relationships.
The personal support and workshops will set you and your couple on fire!
94% of SexiBliss clients have said to improve their well being and also your sexual lives.
SexiBliss offers personalized sessions and workshops on pleasurable and fun activities to singles and couples that have challenges with the following:

o desire differences
o low libido
o navigating the dating scene
o lack of arousal or orgasm
o premature ejaculation
o erectile dysfunction or difficulties
o body image issues
o physical limitations
o bedroom boredom
o advanced sexual techniques
o beginner tantra
o rekindling desire

SexiBliss offers a very friendly yet professional and safe environment in which sharing and change will happen.

The I in Sexibliss is a capital ‘I’ as you need to know yourself and what you want sexually and non-sexually. Most importantly, knowing how to communicate that need to a partner in life will fulfill your innermost desire.
Ask what you truly want, and get what you need with ongoing personal support and guidance. Every session will inject you with positive energy to explore and try new things. There will never be a dull moment in (or out of ) the bedroom.
Marie-Claire Thauvette, the founder of SexiBliss, conducts sessions out of her Ottawa office and also online via Skype.

In Marie-Claire’s sessions, she will offer you a personalized program. There she will support and guide you in the areas of communication and pleasure.
If you need help with trauma or triggers, contact her for a list competent therapists that SexiBliss partners with in Ottawa, Canada and in the U.S.

Telephone: 613 355 1063
Skype Call: mcthauvette
Call now for a free 15 minute session

This Couple’s On Fire!

This Couple Is On Fire
June 7th at 150G Terence Matthews Kanata
This workshop helps couples to connect deeply.  The most important way


Present Your Partner
Warming Up: The Communication

One Day Massage Course

Starts on: Sunday, June 14 1-7pm, 2015

150-G Terence Matthews, Kanata
Master the power of healing touch with massage teachers M-C & Stacey RMT. Learn Swedish and Hawaiian techniques as you connect with your appreciative partner. Why not bring your lover, friend or child?

What will you need to bring:.

It is recommended that you bring your own massage table. They can be purchased for less than $250 at Costco. Also for your comfort bring two pillows, sheets for your table, three pillow cases, bathing suits,(2 piece for women or sports bra) a house coat, a notepad and pens. We will provide coconut oil with your choice of essential oils, some light snacks, tea and water.
The teachers demonstrate the techniques. Afterwards, each couple will have their own private space to practice as the teachers visit each room to check massage techniques and answer any questions that you may have.

In previous workshops, students loved having the teacher model the techniques as their partner mirrored them. They said having four hands massaging them at the same time was an experience they will never forget.

Cost: $250 After May 30th $280 per couple

613 355 1063

Space is very limited. Use our check out page to secure your space and to register for this course.